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About Us

Our vision is to "catalyze" AI journey for enterprises

We believe "full stack AI" solutions are the right approach to deliver substantial value to our customers. Hence, we work with key stakeholders in each of our focus domains to deliver end to end AI solutions integrated with their digital transformation journey.


Our Story

We are an Indo-Israeli startup, bringing the best of AI research and frugal engineering to create full stack AI solutions for insurance and banking. ​

The current pandemic has forced the insurance companies and banks to fast-track digital transformation. AI based automation has been a top priority across customers because of 3 reasons –

  1. Availability of digital data across organizational workflows

  2. Significant efficiency improvements and enhanced customer experience

  3. Maturity of algorithms delivering on the promise of predictable economic value.

However, when organizations start digital transformation and AI journey in sequential manner, they encounter multiple challenges. They key challenge is that their workflow is not AI ready (data labelling , feature extraction etc). When companies try to retrofit AI solutions, it leads to increased economic costs, multiple delays in implementing strategic objectives and loss of competitiveness.

The prudent approach would be to take “AI first digital transformation,” where workflows are designed with AI transformation in perspective, but implemented in phased manner. Therefore, we believe that an “AI first - full stack approach” will help in efficient digital transformation.

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