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We are building the "Full stack AI solutions" for insurance and banking industry. Our AI solutions are pre-integrated with "core insurance" and "core banking" providers to deliver AI solutions at rapid pace.


“Seegle” is our computer vision product for image processing and enhancement. “Seegle Auto” is the model trained on a global data set of vehicle images to identify various parameters of vehicle exteriors. The model is flexible to be trained on customer's data set of automotive images for underwriting. The engine can also be trained for document processing and customer on-boarding use cases. Following are the sample out of image enhancements run on car images using our Seegle product.



“Sana” is our sound AI product working on speech and sound inputs. “Sana Auto” is a model trained on audio sounds from vehicles to detect engine health and safety. This solution needs to be finetuned based on customer data and use cases.

Engine Sound.jpg


"Intellisure" is an insurance underwriting product that can help underwriters evaluate risks during customer on-boarding.

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